Become a real estate agent

Become an independent property negotiator

The profession of independent estate agent is accessible to many of you. It is aimed at sales representatives, estate agents, sales professionals as well as inexperienced beginners who want to embark on a new professional career. The procedures for entering the profession in Luxembourg will be explained to you during your interview with our team.

The job of RE/MAX real estate advisor combined with the dynamism of the international and Luxembourg market offers you unlimited opportunities for growth!

Independent Real Estate Agents

TOP 10

Top 10 of all franchises in the world

And leader by far in real estate thanks to a performance per agent that is 40% higher to that of its competitors.

The strength of the RE/MAX network

A flexible business model

An international network with a recognized reputation

Access to high-performances internal and marketing tools to help you reach new heights

A portfolio of mandates accessible from your first day in the network

Close cooperation with the 128,000 agents in the RE/MAX World network.

A training program to perform

Talents of the ideal candidate


A competitive spirit

A good sales agent remains motivated, even in the most difficult times. In the real estate business, you have to take action no matter how you feel.

Positive thoughts = Positive results.


Good relationship building skills

To advise, to guid, to recommend, to suggest is in your nature. You put your skills to work for your clients to help them complete the project of a lifetime.


Be independent

You would like to become your own boss and at the same time be in the ambassador of a strong, globally recognized brand. With RE/MAX, your income reflects your performance and results. There are NO LIMITS.

... and

an motivation, an ambition, an determination, an smile


The advantages of being an independent RE/MAX estate agent

Unlimited pay

RE/MAX = Real Estate Maximum.

Earn a MAXimum amount of commission aligned with your results.

Flexible management

You are self-sufficient and organize your schedule as you wish.

A well-developed network

The power of the RE/MAX network will allow you to reach new heights quickly.

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